#DRF21 Talent Grant


#DRF21 welcomes the 30 hand picked STEM
(science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students, who aspire a career in robotics.

They will be officially awarded with the #DRF21 talent certificate and individually selected by renowned chair holders, professors and research institution directors. 

The program is generously supported by industry executives who sponsor the expenses for the #DRF21 talent grant program. We will form 1:1 matches between students and industry executives to establish high-level talent acquisition and private networking opportunities within a separate meeting space live at the festival.

#DRF21 Talent Grant: all advantages at a glance

Benefits for the sponsors/industry executives:

  • Meet the best STEM students in their fields who are individually selected by their professors, institutions and universities. 
  • Join networking and speed-dating sessions in a specially dedicated meeting space. 
  • 2 Step Talent meeting: 
    • 1. Donor meets Talent 
    • Speed-Dating: all grant sponsors meet all talents
  • Engage in high-level talent acquisition and establish new relationships with future talents

Benefits for the students:

  • Meet your patron and other global industry players.
  • Receive the official #DRF21 talent grant certificate and a personal photo with your sponsor to take home and remember the event. 
  • Enjoy free access to the Dresden Robotics Festival with 60+ international speakers, 300 executives and 30 startups exchanging ideas about the future of robotics.

Book a TALENT GRANT within the ticketing process and meet your talent on Sept. 17th face to face at #DRF21.

Order your ticket, book a #DRF21 talent grant ticket (EUR 499) and meet your handpicked talent on-site and in person.

The requested costs in the amount of 499 EUR will be used for the selection process, as well as  tickets and catering for the talents and the speed dating. Students do not receive financial support from this grant.

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